“Takiwatanga” is the Maori word for autism and it means “In his/her own time and space”.

Takiwatanga Support Services was set up by a group of parents of children with autism and/or social anxiety issues, as a way to provide support to others seeking a kind, non-judgemental space, to discuss their problems and gain help with all the red tape restricting their child’s access to the services they need. Our Parent Support Groups run once a month and parents can choose to join the group chat or book a 1:1 appointment with one of our volunteers to discuss their issues in depth.

Takiwatanga also run activity sessions for children with autism and social anxiety issues centred around providing a calm space for the children to make friends and learn social skills and ways to recognise and regulate their own emotions, through mindfulness, interacting with nature as a Woodland Warrior and Lego therapy.

Our sessions take place within Wickford, but we welcome parents and children from anywhere in Essex to come along.