Action for Family Carers have kindly arranged these monthly walks, with relaxation exercises and free refreshments at the end, for Takiwatanga’s SEN parent carers. Get fit, make friends, find support, chill out and eat cake! What more could you want? Enjoy a walk and chat around Memorial Park, Wickford and finish up with free refreshments at Hutton’s Cafe. All totally free. Anna from Action for Family Carers will be there to help you relax and a few of the Takiwatanga team will be there to offer support. Places are limited, so please reserve your spot via

Upcoming dates for these walks are:-

  • Friday 19th November 2021
  • Thursday 20th January 2022
  • Friday 25th February
  • Thursday 24th March
  • Friday 29th April
  • Thursday 26th May
  • Thursday 23rd June
  • Thursday 21st July